Unemployment in Bronx County, New York: How Does it Impact Livelihoods?

The unemployment rate for Bronx County, New York, is 7.30%, compared to 7.20% last month and 7.10% last year. This is lower than the long-term average of 9.60%. After The New York Times asked Macy's about her employment status, she said the company had recently offered her a position at one of its Brooklyn stores. With an unemployment rate of 26 percent in September, West Farms has become the epicenter of the economic crisis in New York, one of the most affected urban communities in the country and emblematic of the uneven number of victims of the pandemic.

Unemployment in this poor, mostly Latino enclave of 19,000 in the Bronx was in double digits before the outbreak. New York City's economic crisis is one of the worst in the country, with unemployment at 13.2 percent in October, nearly double the national rate. Manhattan's unemployment rate is 10.3 percent, but in the Bronx, the city's poorest district, it's the highest 17.5 percent in the state. At West Farms, the unemployment rate rose from 11 percent in February to 38 percent in June, before falling to 26 percent in September, according to a statistical model developed by two analysts, Yair Ghitza and Mark Steitz.

The unemployment rate on the Upper East Side was 5 percent in September, compared to 1 percent in February, according to the latest statistical model data. He has also covered education and politics at City Hall and Albany, and in the Bronx and upstate New York since joining the Times in 1999. The current unemployment rate for Bronx County is 7.30%, which is lower than its long-term average of 9.60%. This figure has been steadily increasing since February 2020 when it was 11%, reaching a peak of 38% in June before dropping back down to 26% in September. The unemployment rate for Manhattan is 10.3%, while for Bronx County it is 17.5%, making it the highest unemployment rate in New York State. The Upper East Side has an unemployment rate of 5%, which is significantly lower than other areas of New York City. The economic crisis caused by COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on many communities across New York City, particularly those with high levels of poverty such as West Farms.

This area has seen its unemployment rate skyrocket from 11% to 38% since February 2020. Unemployment can have a significant effect on people's livelihoods and can lead to financial hardship and insecurity. It can also cause increased levels of stress and anxiety as individuals struggle to make ends meet. It is essential that those affected by unemployment are provided with support and assistance during this difficult time. This could include access to job training programs or financial aid to help cover basic living expenses. It is also important that those who are employed are given access to resources that can help them stay employed and secure their livelihoods during this difficult period.